Chippendale Gallery Crawl


Chippendale, or “Chippo” as its affectionately known to the locals, has become a creative hub for Sydney’s inner city patrons. Located just southwest of Chinatown, Chippendale borders the CBD, yet the cheaper rent makes it a prime spot for independent galleries, art spaces and the like. As a result, the galleries have flourished with everything from small converted car garages housing only a few pieces to the four storey White Rabbit gallery complete with its own tea and dumpling bar. Indeed, to get through all of them could be a full day trek (including coffee stops and meal breaks of course).

IMG_2373.JPGNG Gallery 3 Little Queen Street
Tucked away down an alleyway, next to Chip Off The Old Block, and hidden up a flight of stairs lies the one room NG Art Gallery which features s rotation of exhibitions by Australian artists.

IMG_2374.JPGSpot81 81 Abercrombie Street
Despite only having opened a few month months ago, Spot81 is already a highly regarded destination on the gallery crawl, featuring an large gallery with an attached gift shop.

IMG_2375.JPGHarrington Street Gallery17 Meagher Street
This small gallery has been around since 1973 and features more traditional pieces.

IMG_2376.JPGWhite Rabbit Gallery 30 Balfour Street
By far the biggest of Chippo’s galleries, the White Rabbit features four levels of Chinese or Chinese-inspired art. There are some permanent instalments as well as temporary exhibitions and the art itself is a mix of photographs, paintings, prints, sculptures and videos (with very comfy viewing areas).

IMG_2377.JPGPom Pom/MOP Gallery 39 Abercrombie Street
This dual space has two rooms (one for each gallery) and holds a modern selection of pieces.

a href=””>IMG_2379.JPGKaleidoscope Gallery 30 O’Connor Street
This large gallery features several studios and usually displays a trendy collection of work.

IMG_2380.JPGPlatform 72 Central Park Shopping Centre
This gallery/shop holds a collection of prints, Jewellery and homewares
for sale with a collection of paintings on display.

And that’s not even all of them, try;


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