Sydney Weekend Feb 6-8

What’s crack-a-lacking in Sydney this weekend?

IMG_3474 Manly Inflatable Boat Race Sunday Feb 8th, Manly Beach Front
Now in its 11th year, the Manly Inflatable Boat race and of all of its quirk returns to Sydney’s favourite northern beach. The competition is open to all, just ensure that your floatable vessel is in inflatable and costs under $50.
IMG_2311.JPGPop to Popism All Weekend, Art Gallery NSW
Be taken back to the 60s through this Summer’s exhibition, where bright colours ruled and pop art flourished.

IMG_3475 Hurley Australian Open Surf Competition Feb 7/8, Manly Beach
The Hurley Surf Open begins this weekend with the junior competition to get you ready for the main event. Support young talent at one Australia’s most famous beaches.

IMG_3476 Andre Hemer + Elliot Bryce Foukles All Weekend, Chalk Horse, 94 Cooper St, Surry Hills
Explore this clash of paint and pixels as these two dynamic artists collaborate to bring you an exhibition featuring elements of graphic design, digital media and print media.


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