Siam Centre Fashion Visionary



If you’re looking to escape the usual chain stores whilst shopping in Bangkok, then level 3, Siam Center will offer you a unique Bangkok-style alternative.  

Although perched almost at the top of the Siam Center mall, the Fashion Visionary floor has an underground, grungy feel to it (still squeaky clean of course) with cutting edge clothing styles to match. Each outlet has put in a deliberate effort to make shopping an experience, through the use of creative statues and art as well as the design of the store housing itself; think climbing through holes in fences to enter a dome-shaped store, wacky animal masks on mannequins, stores made out of spiraling arrangements of wooden beams, 30s glamour bar settings and dinosaur skeletons! 

The clothes follow a very hipster/indie vibe, but have enough variation to suit every subculture (stylish suits and cocktail dresses as well as laid back casualware) and budget.  Most of the stores stock local designer clothes that are of quality and will make a great Bangkok souvenir (one that you will actually use and can display to friends without looking tacky). If you get hungry in between shopping, try your luck finding a seat at Mr. Jones’ Orphanage, the wooden toy factory themed bakery.


Chai Gold Label


Animal House




Mr. Tango



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