MSCA Brewers Cup

Kuala Lumpur

Over the weekend, Cafe Malaysia held their inaugural coffee and tea industry convention. The event saw equipment, machinery and products showcased from Malaysia and all over the world, with over 150 exhibitors. 

Two of the main events from the day were Malaysia Specialty Coffee Association’s Brewers Cup and Latte Art Championships. 

The top nod for the Brewers Cup went to Regine Wai Yee Beng of Cafe in a Box while Just Want Coffee’s Eng Boon Hong took out the Latte Art prize. Just Want Coffee, Owl Cafe and Red Bean Bag have the most prizes to claim from the day, but overall the results were fairly well spread. Check out the full standings below. 

Brewers Cup

1. Regine Wai Yee Beng (Cafe in a Box)

2. Joanne Jun Lee (Thirdwave)

3. Tai Chen Loong (Owl’s Cafe)

4. Lim Pui Kuen (VCR)

5. Wong Kien Sing (Red Bean Bag)

6. Douglas Tan (Infusion: Specialty Coffee)

Latte Art Championship

1. Eng Boon Hong (Just Want Coffee)

2. Loo Choy Leng (Owl Cafe)

3. Lam Penny (Oh Scooter Coffee)

4. Sam Tan Sze Yuin (Coffee Stain)

5. Lim Guan Hong (Macallum Coffee)

6. Lim Tien Jiang (Red Bean Bag)


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